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Transforming health care payment mechanisms from those that reward quantity of services to those that align provider incentives to produce more efficient, patient-centered care with better health outcomes is a key aspiration of many proposals currently on the table in federal and state health reform discussions. Accountable Care Organizations, quality-adjusted global capitation, bundled episode payment, hospital pay for performance, and gainsharing. These are a few of the ideas gaining traction in health reform discussions that could fundamentally change the way that hospitals and other health professionals are paid over the coming years.

Some of these ideas are new and untested. Others have been around for years, but restrictions in current statute and other formidable obstacles have impeded wide-scale implementation. The urgency of current demands to expand coverage while simultaneously controlling costs could accelerate adoption of such new structures, and short-circuit the demonstration process that might usually precede significant delivery system changes.

In the public-sector, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is implementing its Value-based Purchasing Roadmap, which calls for expanding required quality metrics, strategies to measure and monitor resource use, new payment strategies for never events and hospital readmissions, and demonstration projects to test the viability of payments that bundle together payments for physicians and hospitals across an acute episode of care. In the private sector, and physician efforts to share savings gained through joint efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of care are finding an increasingly friendly reception. Private payers are also well-along in the pilot stages of other innovative programs, such as the evidence-informed case rates developed by Prometheus Payment Inc.

The National Hospital Payment Reform Summit will bring together the policy-makers and thought-leaders promoting these new payment mechanisms and accountability measures with delivery system executives who have thrived under alternative payment structures, or who are now leading the effort to field test brand-new initiatives in local health care delivery markets. Participants will hear the latest ideas and plans for payment reform on the ground in Washington DC, while also benefiting from practical advice and lessons learned from the early adopters of these new programs.


  • Hospital and Health System Representatives
  • Medical Group and IPA Representatives
  • Healthcare Group Purchasing Organization Representatives
  • Employers and Other Payers
  • Healthcare Executives and Administrators
  • Health Plan Representatives
  • Healthcare Compliance Professionals and Legal Counsel
  • State and Federal Regulatory Officials
  • Capitol Hill Staff
  • Administration and Congressional Representatives
  • Health Policy Experts


    • Overview of Payment Reform Alternatives and How They Will Affect Hospitals
    • Accountable Care Organizations
    • Hospital Pay for Performance
    • Hospital Acquired Infections and Never Events
    • Reducing Readmissions
    • Bundled Episode of Care Payment
    • Hospital/Physician Gainsharing
    • Global Capitation and Performance-based Contracting
    • Hospital Payment Reform and Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety

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